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Storage drawer system

Drawer box high-quality workmanship. Sheet steel with sturdy frame construction and aluminum profiles.

Storage drawer system


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The truck storage drawer system is a new way to store and organize your truck. It replaces the need for a toolbox and protects your tools.

Whatever the size and length of your pickup bed, we can create a storage system that will not only organize your gear but protect it from the elements and thieves.

Specifically designed for pickup trucks, Outback 4WD interior twin drawers have heavy-duty locks, full-length locking drawers, and dividers to help you organize your stored items.

Here are our twin drawer system's details.


-Dimensions: Length 900*width 1000*height 270mm

-Surface finish: Iron panel lock, black spray


Drawer frame and full-length drawers

Heavy-duty roller runners

Carpeted platform plates

Installation brackets and hardware

2 Lock&keys, twin lockable drawers


-Stainless Steel frame and drawer bodies.

-Fully powder-coated for added durability.

-Platform area fully-carpeted with exterior commercial carpet for long-lasting and durable wear.

-Unique, lightweight design.

-This heavy-duty, innovative storage solution gives the user two full-length lockable drawers below a full-size flat sliding floor.

-The Drawer System for your Toyota Prado LC150 is a complete kit to transform a cluttered box into an organized, functional storage area. Simple bolt-in installation requires no modification to your bed and can remove easily.

-Our pickup truck storage drawers will keep your supplies organized and protected no matter the elements. Key locks are included on each drawer to ensure your gear and weapons stay in the wrong hands.

What are 4×4 storage drawers systems?

A storage drawer system consists of a set of sliding drawers mounted in the back of your 4WD and is a great addition. The outback draw system helps organize your camping gear, equipment, work tools, and other machinery. They are a great way to manage your bag and keep it from shifting while driving.

This pickup bed drawer system keeps everything in its place by providing a place for everything. Instead of throwing all your gear and tools in the back of your vehicle, you store them in drawers. By doing this, you'll always have what you need on hand. Drawers also prevent the contents from rolling around and being damaged or broken and keep your gear safe from prying eyes.

What materials are in drawer systems' construction?

Generally, our premium drawer systems construct from lightweight aluminum, and the handles' material is stainless steel. However, they can have galvanized steel, fiberglass, sheet metal, or plywood. For most people's needs, aluminum or sheet metal are the most common materials used in stock drawer systems.

Can I have custom-made 4×4 storage drawers?

Yes, your drawer systems can be designed specifically for your needs and customized to your requirements. We not only sell stock storage drawers, but we also manufacture customized systems. Let us know your dimensions and preferred materials, and we will design and manufacture your new drawer systems ASAP.

What can I store in these universal drawers for double cabins?

The contents of these truck storage systems will depend on your needs. For a tradie, you can store nuts, bolts, hammers, rolls of wire, duct tape, tubes of glue, small tins, brushes, and so on. You can store more oversized items in deeper drawers, such as giant rolls of wire, large containers of paint, tools, and other equipment. If you are camping, you can store clothes, sleeping bags, towels, bottled water, food, and cooking utensils in these drawers. A first aid kit, recovery gear, torches, fire extinguishers, and ropes are some other items that can safely store away in drawers.

How waterproof is the decked system?

The drawers are weatherproof, not waterproof. Despite the craziest storms, the system keeps your gear dry, even in car washes. Although it not wholly seal, you can get water into it if you hit it from the back. The drawers need to breathe to allow water to evaporate.

Why install a 4WD drawer system?

Installing a 4WD drawer system is most commonly done to gain access to more storage. You can keep items you regularly need in drawers, where you can easily access them.

Pack them quite nicely, so you don't have loose items floating around and more room for other things. When you hit a bump or are involved in an accident, your drawers stay put instead of flying everywhere!

But is the truck storage drawer system worth it?

The truck bed storage drawer is worth it because it has many benefits. The main advantage is that it can store more in less space. It means you can get more use out of your truck, and you will not have to worry about paying for play at a warehouse. In the long run, you'll save a lot of money, and your life will be easier.

The truck box storage drawer is a great way to store your tools and supplies. It will help you to keep everything organized, which will help you find everything more quickly.

If you're like most people and use them daily, then investing in a vehicle storage drawer system might be a good idea.

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