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Quality control 

“One of our advantages is our ability to deliver high-quality goods at low cost”

 Assaf Sternberg, Tiroflx CEO

Quality control

At Tiroflx, every employee is a quality control employee

Our Quality Control process starts with factory selection:

Quality control process
  • We review and inspect the factories before adding them to our approved supplier’s list. The vetting process includes checking processes, certifications, materials, and vendors. Once in production, we perform in-process inspections and final inspections.

  • We inspect at the manufacturing site, and at our warehouse before shipment. 

  • You want your goods labeled properly and maintain traceability. Tiroflx conducts pre-shipment inspections ensuring PO NR, barcode, quantities, and weights are accurate.

  • You’ll have a custom, integrated quality management program ensuring the quality of your products. Tiroflx quality controls include a zero-defects policy added-value approach.

Why Choose Tiroflx Quality Control?

We are one of the few China tradings that specialize in European Standards and Regulations:


Since we were in Tirol China, our mission has been to make sourcing and manufacturing from China easier for buyers. We set to raise the quality standards higher, bringing Chinese production to European regulations standard.​​

  • Custom quality process

  • Cost-effective solutions

  • Zero-defect, added-value approach

  • Best response time in the industry

  • International freight forwarding support

  • Online, near real-time status reporting

With Tiroflx You Get: 

  • Automated quality control processes

  • Regular checking instances during production

  • Collaboration with outside labs for testing in every batch of production.

  • Quality control from production to ready-to-ship with our own warehouse in Ningbo.​

This is how it is done: 

  • We thoroughly review each factory before adding it to our list of approved suppliers. We check its processes, its quality control procedures, certifications (e.g. BSCI, ISO, UL, E mark), raw materials, factory response time, and even its vendors.

  • When production starts, we conduct the in-process inspection and final inspection. Inspections take place at the manufacturing site and in our warehouse, before shipment.

  • Some products are sent to external laboratories for further testing and analyses, all to ensure compliance with local/regional specific regulations and requirements and to assert that products meet customer specs.

What does it mean that we work according to European Standards?

The European regulations aim to protect the environment and human health via several strict guidelines. We apply them throughout our processes. 

Thus, we gained our reputation of being extremely strict with quality control. While this didn’t fall well with some factories, had the added benefit that we work with only the top quality factories and vendors in China.

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